The lab

The activities of the SUPSI PVLab range from indoor to outdoor testing, passing through data analysis and on site verification. The precise characterization of all the relevant parameters of a PV module is accomplished through instrumentation internally adapted to the highest quality standards. This is possible thanks to the research activities with international and national partners.

What we do


Take a glimpse at the evolution of photovoltaics at SUPSI University, starting from the first PV tests to the implementation of new technologies in recent days.



Establishment of Ticino Solare (TISO). Led by Mario Camani, it was built Europe’s first grid-connected photovoltaic system on the roof. consisting of 288 modules with monocrystalline silicon cells with a power output of 10 kW.


Set-up of R&D outdoor test facility.


First complete outdoor tests. 1st test cycle.


Integration of TISO to SUPSI University and the creation of the Laboratory of Energy, Ecology and Economics (LEEE).


Solar flash simulator addition for indoor tests. ISO17025 accreditation of indoor electrical measurements and start of measurement service activity. Expansion of the LEEE laboratory and the foundation of the Institute of Applied Sustainability to the Built Environment (ISAAC) originating from the TISO initiative.


Start of Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) activities. These focus on the incorporation of photovoltaics modules to buildings as part of the structure.


Creation of the laboratory for lifetime tests – safety – mechanical laboratory and the beginning of industry oriented services.


First PV integration project in Nepal, Ethiopia, Togo e Cameron including test stands and workshops with the Swiss platform for Renewable Energy, Energy and Resource Efficiency Promotion in Developing and Transition Countries (REPIC).


ISO17025 accreditation as  “Swiss PV module test centre”. Start of full product testing for industries.


Test cycle on thin film modules.


Swiss Solar Prize to Sahay Solar Association and SUPSI University for a project about promoting photovoltaic technology in Ethiopia.


Test cycle on bifacial and colored modules.


Test cycle on high efficiency modules, mock-ups for accelerated testing and standard means.

The team behind PVLab

A team of researchers with long experience in the photovoltaic industry, prepared to respond to the new needs of market players, both local and international: industry, installers, insurance companies and power companies.

Mauro Caccivio

Team manager. Electronic engineer, he has been working in the photovoltaic field since 2002.

Giovanni Bellenda

Laboratory technician manager. Metrologist.

Domenico Chianese

Senior Researcher. He has been working in the photovoltaic sector and in SUPSI since 1992. Team advisor. 2017 Swiss solar prize winner.

Gabi Friesen

Senior Researcher. She has been working in the photovoltaic field since 1995.

Ebrar Özkalay

PhD student. His research focuses on the long-term reliability and performance of Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) modules and systems.

Moreno Ronchi

Laboratory technician. Supports the functioning of scientific processes, projects and tests.

Flavio Valoti

PhD student with research focused on the electrical characterization and reliability of innovative solar cells and modules.

Valentina Jennarelli

Quality manager. Engineer. She has been working for 13 years in quality assurance.

Mattia Ceretti

Scientific collaborator. Supports the fuctioning of scientific processes, projects and tests.

Dominika Chudy

Researcher. Her research focuses on the BIPV  topics, with particular focus on reliability, advanced characterisation and testing.

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